360° Photography & Video

I'm exploring Ireland's West Coast wild landscape through 360° Photography, Video and Time Lapse. I'm also available for Google Street View, Site Documentation, Project Events, Location Scouting & VR commissions.


  • Google Street View 360° Photography
  • 360° Photography (modern desktop GPU)
  • Vimeo 360° Re-framed Video Overcaptures
  • Pond5 360° Stock Video Collection
  • VideoBlocks 360° Stock Video Collection
  • Shutterstock HD Video Collection

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    Stock Photography


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  • Pond5 Media Collection
  • StoryBlocks Image Collection
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    Personal Photography

    Selects: Flickr (2002-2019)
    Ancient: fosh website (2002-2005)

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  • Apple Mac OS Support


    Remote or onsite Mac Support
    in Dublin, Limerick, Clare, Cork, Galway. Managed File & Network Services
    I design, build and manage Portable Art Department File Servers for Feature Film Production, Studios, Projects & Events.


    Managed Service Provider
    Secure European based account hosting for calendars, contacts, unlimited capacity IMAP mail and webmail (including malware and spam filtering) with 'Over the Air' account setup for iOS/OSX devices. Full Domain name registration & management available.

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    Troubledmac PDF guide


    Mac OS X troubleshooting guide (PDF) for managing a network of Macs in a production environment.

    Final Version 2.4.0
    Publication Issue No: 22
    Final Release Date: 18-Feb-2010
    OS X Version: < 10.6.8
    A4 Pages: 223 PDF
    Size: 25.8mb


    A github repository of Mac OS troubleshooting commands are available here under:

  • defaultswrites
  • NVRAM (soon)
  • LaunchCtrl (soon)
  • Bash Scripts (soon)

    An older version of this site is mirrored at https://dirtymouse.github.io/

  • Scrimshanker

    Full Album is Available on SoundCloud at: https://soundcloud.com/dirtym0use

    OR available directly from:

    Experimental electronic music soundtrack(s) derived from induction coil recordings, radio device interference, granular synthesis & percussive samples. Hybrid Glitch with ambient sounds.

    Created on an ancient Powerbook using Protools, Supercollider, Arboretum Hyperprism, Rebirth, VSamp, Nord Micro, Midi Signals, SR-16, Midiverb. Circa 1999.

    * Clan Analogue: cognition/three

    all mpeg audio works are
    © 1996-2001 by dirtymouse

    permission is required if you wish to perform these by any wired or wireless broadcast method. permission is also required for any replication via spinning disk, magnetic tape, solid state memory or any hybrid of aforementioned technologies.


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